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The Hacks

Nov 17, 2020

Recently, Tom and Chunga watched a viral video of a soccer (football) match being played in the U.K.

This particular game was unique because they decided to replace the highly skilled, human, TV camera operators with robotic cameras. These cameras were all controlled by AI or artificial intelligence. Everyone thought this would be a groundbreaking decision, especially considering the goal pandemic. 

Their logic at the time was sound. Simply program the TV cameras-which were positioned around the stadium-to follow the soccer ball as it made it's way up and down the field. Sadly, they failed to consider every possible scenario and the televised broadcast was a complete disaster. What went wrong?

One of the match referees was bald... The AI responsible for controlling the TV cameras mistakenly thought the official's bald head was the soccer ball!

What is the problem here? Why can't smart, hard-working people, seem to get a grip on artificial intelligence? After all, the concept isn't exactly new. It should be easy by now, right?

Tom and Chunga have some thoughts and opinions about why artificial intelligence continues to struggle. They may surprise you!

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