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The Hacks

Aug 12, 2022

Tom and Chunga learned something new about you recently.  You don't like it when they talk about fitness! They are both very, very, sorry! They'd like to make it up to you with a bonus episode.

Today, Tom and Chunga are talking about something much more in line with what they should be talking about on The Hacks.  Last week, Tom's nephew asked him to help build a new desktop computer. Chunga wonders why people don't build their own machines as much as they did back in the day. Sure, people still build their own computers, but it really isn't as common as it used to be--not even close.

Tom agrees with Chunga and says there are a couple of very simple reasons why people are not investing in custom computer builds anymore. What are they?  Listen to this special bonus episode to find out!

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