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The Hacks

Jul 8, 2022

Tom and Chunga have wanted to try a special bonus episode like this, for a while. The idea is simple.  Release a bonus episode on a Friday that has nothing to do (or at least very little) with tech or the tech industry.  After all, there is life outside of code, cloud automation, or config management, right? We're calling these episodes Free Flow Friday!

In this bonus episode, Tom and Chunga are talking about an amazing new streaming series on Paramount + called The Offer. It's a series about the people who made the movie The Godfather! Chunga has spent pretty much his entire professional life working in the entertainment industry and he says that this series perfectly captures what it's like to work in showbusiness. Tom has always had an interest in acting, writing and producing films, so Chunga told him to watch it--he was blown away.  Not only because of how well written it is, but because of what professionals--in any industry--can learn about what it really takes to become successful from The Offer!  Tom says it's incredible and everyone needs to see it!  What about you?  Have you seen The Offer?  Let Tom and Chunga know what you thought about it! Listen now, and have a great weekend!

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