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The Hacks

Sep 22, 2020

Come prepared to connect with Tom's Zen in this episode of The Hacks.

Recently, Tom did a webinar about something he's been really focused on and he wants to discuss it with Chunga. He has a theory called "Top Down, Bottom Up Change".

What does that mean? Well, from one end of the spectrum bottom up change means that you have an entire eco-system that is already established; it's evolving and growing almost as if it has a life of its own. This eco-system could be everything from a corporate digital infrastructure, to something macro, like the corporation itself. 

An example of top down change would be to enter into an existing eco-system and then attempt to exact your will upon it. Tom's theory is when a project or company is failing, more often than not, it's happening during a top down phase of maturity. After all, change is going to happen regardless and if you try to impose your will in the wrong places or the wrong time, failure is inevitable. 

This is even more true when it comes to the tech industry, where these changes typically come faster and are far more volatile. So...which is better, top-down or bottom-up? Where should you position yourself? The answer may change throughout the evolution of a project or specific eco-system. 

Tom and Chunga break all of this down by using IOT and the video game industry as examples of the right and wrong ways to affect bottom up, top down change. Listen now!