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The Hacks

Oct 11, 2022

It's a weird time of the year. Everyone seems to be taking vacation time before things start getting cold.  Tom and Chunga are no different. Chunga is just getting home from his break and Tom is on his way to start a cruise! 

Thankfully, as their paths crossed, they were able to record a brand new episode of The Hacks, and use their time wisely to talk about something really important like Chungas utterly irrational fear of hard drives. It's true, he's terrified of them! He says they're too complex for what they are, they're temperamental and way too fragile. He crashes hard drives all the time!  What about you?  Do you have bad luck with your computer hardware?

Tom says hard drive tech has changed significantly in the past few years and there's no reason Chunga should continue to have these fears.  He also breaks down the problems, looks at the tech and tries to determine if these issues are legit or if Chunga is creating these problems himself.  Listen NOW!

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