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The Hacks

Jun 21, 2022

It's been a rough few weeks for Tom. First, it was building temperamental servers, and then--he got a cat. Anyone who knows Tom knows he's just not an "animal" type of guy. 

To make things even more challenging, Crypto has crashed--yet again. This latest crash has been bad enough that it has people selling off video cards and other types of computer hardware. It has others walking away from Crypto Currency completely. Are they making the right decision? Could this be a bit of an overreaction? Even though Crypto is extremely volatile, it'll always be around, right? Well... not necessarily, Crypto Currencies can and do fail!

Regardless of these crazy swings, Tom says that if you're a tech professional, whether you like it or not, it's going to be vital for you and everyone else to become fluent in understanding Crypto Currency, how they work, and how they're utilized within the tech industry. Tom says it, along with Blockchain is the way of computing in the future.

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