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The Hacks

Dec 20, 2022

It's the last show of 2023! Tom and Chunga are ready to start their holiday break!

As they look forward to 2023, Tom says there's a term that is going to be a huge factor in wether or not you and/or your business is going to be successful next year. That term is "due diligence". 

Due diligence is something that Chunga feels has been severely lacking in virtually every area of tech, and the fallout from and industry perspective has been severe. Tom completely agrees and says it's something he's been worried about for years. He feels that this problem rose from tech companies being too over confident when the economy was good and chose to grow too fast.

Both Chunga and Tom have some advice for 2023 and how you can make due diligence a higher priority on every level of your live and in every area of your business!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!