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The Hacks

Mar 28, 2023

Tom and Chunga have a problem.  It's a problem they haven't had to face before on The Hacks. They're both--at the same time--dealing with a creative "block". For some reason, even though they're working hard to create a great episode for you to listen to, it isn't coming together! So... Lets make that the topic of todays episode!

Writing software is an art form. For programmers, developers, and engineers, a creative block can be a serious problem. It can also be an issue that becomes more and more common if one doesn't address their creativity struggles the right way. Ultimately, it can negatively affect deadlines, releases and relationships among team members. 

While its both scary and frustrating, writers block is something that can be fixed almost immediately if you know the proper steps to take. Tom and Chunga have each spent decades overcoming this problem and the solve, in most cases can be really easy with just a few simple tricks.  What are they?  Listen now to find out!!!!

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