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The Hacks

Nov 8, 2022

Are you in control of your cloud-based infrastructure? Are you really? Most people would say, yes!  They also probably think it's a well-oiled machine, something that's state-of-the-art. The reality is, it may have started that way, but as technology spreads out, things tend to shift from Star Trek to Star Wars.  

Tom uses this analogy to explain that reality is messy. Your cloud needs to function the way you need it to, right now.  The work needs to get done and it will only get more complex. The grim reality, according to Tom, is that most cloud-based infrastructure is on life support. It works just well enough for you to think that everything is fine! It feels like you're on the Starship Enterprise when in reality, your cloud is more like the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian.

Why does this happen? Why is the cloud so dangerously dirty, and some would say unstable, even for the top tech companies in the industry? Tom says there's a common reason for these issues, and these reasons aren't going to change anytime soon.  What are they?  Listen now to find out!