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The Hacks

Mar 1, 2022

(Chunga's Note: This episode of The Hacks was recorded last week, on 2/23/22. From the time of this recording, as you are no doubt aware, there have been some significant changes with regard to world events. As a result, some commentary may seem slightly dated or inaccurate. Thank you for choosing to listen to The Hacks!)

So... anybody been watching the news lately? With the tragedy and humanitarian crisis that's taking place in Ukraine, one of the many threats that continues to be raised is the threat of a nation-state-sponsored cyberattack. There has been a multitude of news reports that say a Russian cyberattack on the U.S. and/or western Europe is imminent. Because of these claims, many in the west are suggesting a preemptive cyber attack of our own. 

In this episode of The Hacks, Tom and Chunga what could actually happen in the aftermath of a full-scale cyberattack and why a preemptive strike may not be such a good idea.

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