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The Hacks

Apr 5, 2022

Tom is hanging out in Las Vegas with Chunga! They're working on a writing project together and while they were diligently grinding away, Tom came up with a great idea. Every so often, he wants to do an episode of The Hacks that focuses on an individual that has changed the face of technology and made a massive impact on the way society works! They're going to call these special episodes the "Super Nerd Spotlight"!

For the first official episode, Tom and Chunga have selected legendary mathematician, software engineer, and cryptographer Dan Bernstein! You may not know his name, but you have definitely been a benefactor of his genius. If you have an interest in ciphers, cryptography, and cybersecurity, this is your episode!

So who is this guy and why is he so important?  Listen to this episode of The Hacks to find out!

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