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The Hacks

May 17, 2022

May is mental health awareness month and in this episode of The Hacks, Tom and Chunga have a question for you--Do you have "the storm"?

The Storm is a term that Chunga uses to describe something that happens internally to some people. It's an internal urgency that creates a high level of discomfort and an almost unquenchable thirst to push yourself forward. It's especially common among people who strive to innovate, think outside the box, and create. Ultimately, the storm can be a good thing, but it can also be destructive. If it's not controlled the right way, the storm can take a heavy toll. Not only on you as an individual, but on family, friends, finances, and the very thing you're working so hard to create.

Tom and Chunga talk about the storm, how they've struggled with it, how they've learned how to deal with it, and used it to make their lives and careers better. 

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