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The Hacks

Jan 21, 2021

Thomas Hatch has worn many hats throughout his young life. He's a former member of the U.S. Intelligence community, he's been a school teacher, started his own successful software company and invented Salt, one of the most popular open source platforms on earth! 

It's because he's worn so many hats that Chunga wants to throw him a curveball. In this episode of The Hacks, Tom has no clue what they're going to talk about.  Chunga is calling this episode "The Zen of Collaboration". Working in groups, even small ones can be very challenging for human beings. History has proven over and over again that small differences can become huge problems almost instantly for (in most cases )inconsequential reasons. 

The modern workforce--especially in the tech space-- relies very heavily on the practice of collaboration. In this episode, Tom and Chunga discuss the pitfall and more common challenges when it comes to working with people who think and operate differently than you do. Tom has some ideas and strategies that you can employ instantly to deal with difficult co-workers or a toxic boss. Listen now!

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