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The Hacks

Sep 15, 2020

Tom Hatch is many things, to many people. He's the creator of Salt, He co-founded SaltStack and he's also the company's CTO. Once, while teaching his new students at some college somewhere, he even pretended to be Canadian for a full week, just because he loves the movie "Strange Brew"!

Although he's been given many titles, nobody (much to his dismay) has ever given him Royal status--until now. Chunga has proudly crowned Tom Hatch as "The King of SaltConf"! Every year, SaltStack hosts a special gathering of IT Operations and SecOps professionals that are focused on building and maintaining a more secure and reliable digital infrastructure. 

SaltConf20 will be the 7th annual SaltStack user conference and this year, for obvious reasons, it will be virtual. FREE registration is open now and the first 100 people to sign up get a free SaltConf20 T-Shirt! 

Every year, one of the most common things people say is "We want more Tom"! This year, that's exactly what we're going to give you. Janae Andrus is our special guest for this episode of The Hacks. She'll give you a rundown of what to expect at SaltConf20, how to reserve your space and how you can get your hands on some brand new SaltConf20 SWAG!  Be sure to listen for the secret code as well. 

Also, in this episode of The Hacks, Chunga reads some listener and feedback. Listen now!

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