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The Hacks

Jan 31, 2023

Car lovers this episode is for you! Everyday in Chunga's city, (Las Vegas) there's a news story about some poor, unfortunate, soul crashing their electric car, while its in self drive mode. Because of this, Chunga is of the opinion that self driving cars are, in a word, a novelty. Toms opinion of them is even worse, and he owns a Tesla! He has said many times that self-driving cars can't be trusted and that he's completely lost hope that they ever be anything more that a gimmick.

Well, this week, Mercedes is making Tom eat his words and he couldn't be happier about it!  Mercedes has announced that they have the worlds first "SAE-3" certified self-driving car.  What does that mean?  According to Tom, it means Mercedes is going to change the world--eventually.  Not today, and not with this particular model, but eventually, this announcement will change the way we all commute from one place to the other!   Listen to this episode of The Hacks to find out!

Mercedes has the first certified SAE 3 vehicle!

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