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The Hacks

Jan 24, 2023

Tom has made a trip to Las Vegas to hang out with Chunga at Hacks HQ!

It's too bad they couldn't be talking about something more fun. It's a scary time to be working in tech, we all know this. Layoff's are all too common and tech industry professionals, at every level, are worried. Ten of thousands have been laid off so far in 2023, with more no doubt on the way.

Tom and Chunga have each been laid off at different times of their lives, and Tom has unfortunately had to be someone that has conducted them as well.  Because of this, he has a unique perspective when it comes to making it through this rough climate. 

In this episode of The Hacks, Tom and Chunga talk about the varied reasons, layoffs become necessary, the appropriate and ethical ways to conduct them and how to deal with the shock and disruption if you've been laid off yourself.  Listen now!

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