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The Hacks

Dec 15, 2020

It's the final show of 2020 and WOW, what a crazy year it's been!

What are Tom and Chunga talking about for their final episode of the year? Are they doing a big "2020 year in review"?  No...  Who wants to review 2020?!?

In this final episode before the Christmas break, The Hacks are talking about something much more exciting--Zero Touch Automation for DevOps. Tom also talks about driving a tank over a car!

Chunga thinks Zero Touch Automation is going to be one of the big, buzz-phrases of 2021. We all know that DevOps is the core of any successful automation platform; so what is Zero Touch Automation? Simply put, it gives professionals the ability to explore, develop, and test programs faster than ever before.

Tom says that we've always had Zero Touch Automation, hello?! What do you think computers are? If that's the case, then why is it starting to become a branded term now? Tom has an answer to that question and more, listen now!

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