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The Hacks

Mar 26, 2024

Tom tells people a lot... a lot. When you choose to pick up or "adopt" open source software, you take on a certain level of liability. If you choose to deploy open source software into your infrastructure you run the risk of that software going away!

We've seen this happen several times within the past year. Now things...

Mar 19, 2024

Chunga noticed somehting recently, and he's wondering if it's symptomatic of a larger problem. A few weeks ago, a video game emulator company called "Yuzu" was sued by Nintendo. Yuzu folded and disappeared almost immediately. Since then, several other emulator makers have done the same thing.  Many of them...

Mar 12, 2024

Score another one for Tom Hatch!  He and Chunga have been trying to get to this episode for weeks!  

As all of you know, Nvidia is king.  At the first of the year, Tom said that if AMD and Intel wanted to have any hope being competetive and gaining ground against Nvidia's AI strangle hold, they'd have to do something...

Mar 5, 2024

Tom is THRILLED!!! KDE 6 is out! (crickets). Sorry Tom, nobody cares. 

Is that what Tom and Chunga are talking about today?  KDE 6? Uh... No.  Chunga doesn't really care either.

Instead, they're talking about something everyone loves, video games! More specifically, video game emulators. Tom & Chunga are both big fans...