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The Hacks

Oct 6, 2020

Chunga came across an article ZD Net a few days ago. It was about cybercrime and contained a list of ten disturbing facts that they claim will keep you up at night.

While Chunga was glued to this article, he thought it'd be a great idea to share these disturbing facts with Tom and see if any of them would indeed cause him to lose sleep.

In this episode of The Hacks, we'll see (according to Tom) just how accurate this journalist is when it comes to the growing and increasingly active underworld of cybercrime.  What's the most common type of brute force attack now that the world has shifted to a largely remote workforce and how much have they increased? Are cybercriminals exploiting Zoom to spy on your everyday activities? How many unsecured remote desk-top machines are jeopardizing organizations around the world? 

Tom and Chunga answer these questions and address many more security-related concerns. How many of these statistics would keep Tom awake at night? Listen now to find out!

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ZD Nets article "10 disturbing Stats"

ZD Net "10 Disturbing Stats"